– Episode 1: Connecting the physical and financial supply chain (in partnership with Contour)

February 2nd 2023

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Exploring successful digitalisation initiatives through highly practical case studies and discussions.
This webinar series sets out to inspire the commodities community – buyers, sellers and traders – through in-depth examinations of their industry peers’ digitalisation journeys – successes, challenges faced and overcome, and ultimate outcomes and learnings.

Episode 1 features insights from a range of commodities industry leaders, including Rio Tinto, HSBC and Oriental Energy, as well as Contour; the leading platform for trade finance digitalisation, and explores shared learnings, common across commodities, as these organisations embraced innovation.


Michel Alves – Commercial Services Manager, Bulk Pacific – Rio Tinto

Mei Qi Cheng – Senior Corporate Reporting Manager – Oriental Energy (Singapore) International Trading

Iain Morrison – Managing Director & Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance – HSBC Singapore

Carl Wegner – CEO – Contour

Moderator – Josh Kroeker – Chief Product Officer – Contour