Suggested Third-Party Courses

Certificate in International Trade and Finance

This certification will give you a detailed understanding of the products, documents, trade terms, roles and responsibilities that underpin trade finance and will also teach you how to apply this knowledge to real situations.

Certificate in Trade Finance Compliance

This qualification gives you the technical knowledge to succeed in trade finance compliance and the ability to apply expertise in a professional setting. It is a valuable benchmark for Trade Finance Operations Staff, Relationship Managers, Bank Audit and Compliance Staff, and Risk Managers.

Certificate in Global Trade

On completion of the course you will have developed a good foundational understanding of global trade and how companies settle their cross border commercial activities, what their basic needs are, identify the risks as well as instruments available to mitigate those risks.

Euromoney (online and in-person)

Led by leading experts in their field, our courses will provide you with enhanced knowledge, practical skills and techniques, and market intelligence in order to improve your performance and leadership potential.

Integrating ESG Risk into Commodity Trade Finance

ESG and sustainability have become dominating issues in the world economy. But ESG regulation is evolving and to date no internationally recognised standards have emerged. This presents a huge challenge for banks, which are struggling to integrate ESG into their risk management framework.